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Metabolic Health Lab Test & Digital Weight Loss Course

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GET TESTED and Join our Digital Weight Loss Course


  1. Review of your medical, nutritional, and lifestyle needs through our digital health assessment with a Metabolic Health Specialist
  2. Physician review and order of your Initial Advanced Lab Testing for both online and in clinic. This valuable screening measures your Weight and Body Fat Analysis, waist circumference and visceral fat, along with important health markers like cholesterol, glucose metabolism, inflammation, stress level and your risk for prediabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Can all be tested in the convenience of your home or at a clinic nearest you
  3. Consultation with Specialist via our HIPPA compliant software 
  4. Design of your tailored Weight Management & Maintenance program
  5. Video Message from our physician regarding your Metabolic Health Test Results 
  6. Invitation to Join our Digital Weight Loss Course taught by our Chief Nutritionist


  • This At Home Lab Test could not be easier to complete, it gets shipped right to your home and what it does it actually looks at your Metabolic Health, your total cholesterol, triglycerides, your body’s ability to respond to the hormone insulin, also the visceral fat surrounding your organs along with your oxidative stress and inflammation levels. All of these markers can be used to measure your risk of cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic syndrome.
  • It looks at your Average blood sugar. Too much blood sugar levels you can start to develop symptoms of prediabetes or diabetes. We look at your Triglyceride to HDL ratio to measure insulin resistance and is one of the measurements used for assessing metabolic syndrome.
  • It then looks at your oxidative stress. Hopefully your oxidative stress is low as this is a crucial factor in the development of chronic diseases like cardiometabolic disease, liver disease and some cancers. A diet high in fats and sugars may contribute to a high oxidative stress load along with a diet low in fruits and vegetables, exposure to environmental toxins, inconsistent sleep patterns, and elevated stress levels can accelerate the accumulation of oxidative stress within the body, which can lead to advanced biological aging.
  • Your oxidative stress, inflammation, visceral fat, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, we want to make sure that those are at optimal levels as possible. If not we will share with you a plan as to how to get your health on the right track and rid your body of these unwanted health concerns.
  • This test goes over all that and much more. It also includes a review of your final test results, a personalized video message from our doctor with recommendations and an in person or phone consultation with one of our Metabolic Health Practitioners to make sure that you know all about your test results and the protocol plan that you’ll need in order to reach optimal health.
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Your At Home Lab Test is easy and convenient with instructions included in each kit. Just a simple finger prick and mail back the sample to our certified lab to process. Your results will be shared by our Doctor, Metabolic Health Specialist and you will have access to our online portal to see insights, trends, results and so much more!


Our doctor developed Metabolic Health Tests assess the most important markers of metabolic health to identify potential risks, areas of improvement and monitor overall health. You will receive your results, personalized video message from our doctor, consultation with our Metabolic Health Specialist in person or by phone to make sure that you know all about your test results and also the protocol plan that you’ll need in order to improve your health.

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  1. Live Changer!
    Losing weight and improving my health are both important at my age. This is the program that does all that and more! I lost 40 lbs and they followed my health to ensure I was losing weight and improving my cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation. My doctor was so impressed with me! This program saved my life! I recommend anyone get tested and follow their recommendations to get healthy. I came off my cholesterol medications!

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